>My friend Flexible Parenting requested some volunteers to review an event planning website called Jooners. Thinking that I'd be a good pal, I stepped up to the plate. Then I missed the date that I signed up to post my review (Oct. 12), although for the record, Jooners did not do its job, either. (They were supposed to send me a reminder.) So, I beg Alex's forgiveness, and belatedly post my review.

When I first poked around on Jooners, I thought it was a neat idea. While it is mainly targeted to busy parents as a way to help them coordinate schedules and events, it is useful for any volunteer group or other entity that plans events. Participants can RSVP and, critically in my mind, let the other attendees know what food or beverages they will bring to the event. I've coordinated a lot of volunteer meetings in the past, and this would've been enormously helpful in ensuring that we did not wind up with 600 cupcakes but no salad, drinks, or napkins. (Not that there is anything wrong with an overabundance of cupcakes, but not everyone is down with empty sugar calories for dinner.) I think Jooners is more accessible than another program that I've used to organize big meetings, Basecamp.

That said, it didn't send me my reminder to post this review! I'm also not clear on whether everyone invited must sign up or only the organizer must do so. (I think it says that only the organizer need be a member.) You know how some people are about signing up for things and giving out their email, so that could be an obstacle. Still, I think it could be useful for a variety of groups, small or large, in planning events. It also utilizes Yahoo groups if the organizer is the moderator, which could be very convenient. On a personal level, unless I write something down, it doesn't get done. I like the idea of an online weekly calendar tracking my plans and preventing me from double booking, which I do more often than I'd like to admit.

Try it out yourself. Jooners is free, which is another big plus. I love free things!