>Beans are full of protein. They can also cause gas when consumed, thus the nickname "the musical food." However, none of the nutritious or gaseous benefits of beans are derived when bodies decide not to digest them. I thought about this when I discovered that I shat out an whole soy bean at 2:45 AM. The bean was consumed on Friday night, not long after the host at Ruby Tuesday may or may not have mistaken me for a 10 year old boy.

While I was at the BlogHer Boston conference yesterday with Alex and Sally HP, I suspect Theo sneaked out and attended an anti-Palin rally. He looks extra secretive today, and no matter how many times I ask him what he did this weekend while Husband and I were gone, he refuses to answer. Maybe I should sign him up for Twitter, which I finally joined yesterday (@suzannereisman) so I can follow him when I am away from home.

Cough, hack. Colds suck. Fortunately, Husband stocked up on the miracle cold cure that is sold in Britain while he was there for work this week.