>One museum that I long harbored dreams of visiting is the Spam Museum in Minnesota. That said, I do not appreciate the amount of spam that CUSS has accumulated in the past few weeks. While I hate to do it, I see no other option but to enable comment moderation for a little while. For the less tech savvy (i.e. - Mom), this means that you will not see any comments you leave until I approve them.

My hope is that this will discuorage the many tentacled spammers and then I can go back to free posting. I leave all non-spam comments up, even when they suggest that the world would be better off if my mom had aborted me. I believe in free speech, and I figure that these types of comments reflect more poorly on the anonymous pieces of shit who leave such hateful comments than it does on me.

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope it does not encourage people from leaving comments. Especially on my request for what gifts are good for feminists.