>In a burst of sentimentality this past weekend, I decided that I should search for bargain airfares and visit Dr. P this weekend in Florida. Given the price of fuel and other cost issues with airlines, I did not expect to find anything. I was shocked when US Airways offered me something for less than I would spend on an advance purchase from New York to Chicago. Remember, just because something doesn't cost a lot in terms of money, it can really add up in other ways. Yes, there are connecting flights in my travel plan.

"Big deal," I thought to myself. "An hour and change should be more than enough."

Silly me! When US Airways informed travels at the exact time that our plane was supposed to land at LaGuardia for my first flight to Philadelphia that it had just left North Carolina, I was screwed. Had someone mentioned the delay earlier, I could have switched to another flight. But it was too late. Long story short, the plane touched down in Philly five hours after I left my apartment that morning, just as my connection left on time for Ft. Lauderdale. Then I learned that the next flight was not for 2.5 more hours. And of course that one was already delayed.

Had I thought about this, I would have booked the ticket from Philly in the first place. (It takes, at most, 2.5 hours on public transportation to get to the Philly airport from NYC.) All the delays meant that I missed the fucking debate last night, which I had been looking forward to viewing for weeks. Argh! I'm hoping to catch it online while Dr. P is at work today. What did people think of it?