>Perhaps the one thing that is more despicable than than exploiting the fear of breast cancer to sell women products that may actually cause the disease is a roach. Roaches are repulsive. They exacerbate asthma and other conditions. Worse, they are everywhere in New York City. I nearly puked when I killed one this morning. Just thinking about it makes me itchy.

My friend J. hates roaches to the point of irrationality. I asked her if she had seen Wall-E yet, and she told me that it was so offensive that she had to leave ten minutes into the film. I was surprised, as I heard that Wall-E has a good message that I thought a progressive like J. would dig.

"What is so awful about it?"

J. threw her arms around as she ranted. "It's repulsive! It should be rated X! I can't believe they allow children to see such filth!"

"Um, are you talking about the cartoon?"

"Yes, of course! I asked to get my money back, it was so sick!"

Now I was really confused. "What is so bad about it?"

"The sidekick is a roach!!!!!" she screamed.

Ah, that explains it.