>On Saturday, Husband and I journeyed down to Philadelphia to meet up with Steph for a haunted tour of the old part of town. I invited one of my new friends from school - let's call her Jill - to join us. It is very hard to sufficiently prepare people for the hurricane that is Steph. She met up with us about two hours after we arrived at Reading Terminal Market and stuffed our faces silly with Amish and other goodies.

Steph and I proceeded to horrify Jill with our loud discourse on whether it is more insulting to call someone a "snatchface" or a "cuntface." Steph, Husband, and I agreed that cunt was much worse, although Jill said that in the part of the world in which she grew up, "snatch" was a verboten word. My grandmother believes that "cunt" is a perfectly harmless word, but that "fuck" is an awful word that should never be used. Interesting, isn't it?

Today, another new friend from school - let's call her Vicky - and I went to Jill's to help her paint her very dark gray bedroom an off-white. I noticed that the word "fuck" was used on occasion, but not "snatch" or "cunt." Still, much laughter was laughed.

One common thread through this weekend, beside hanging out with friends, is eating. I ate a lot. I am turning into a real Flabby McFlabberstein. Of course, I would rather be a Flabby McFlabberstein than a Cunty McCunterson, but I should go to the gym more often and stop eating pancakes with peanut butter chips for dinner.

Speaking of Cunty McCunterson, the weekend also reminded me that I have far more comrades at school than enemies, so that makes me happy. To old friends and new!