>Last night, Alex, her hubby BG, her two sons, and I went heading to Ruby Tuesday's for a fine dining experience. Upon entering the restaurant, BG told the host that we needed a table for five. BG held their younger son (age 2) in his arms, and I held the hand of their older son (age 5). The host looked at all of us.

"Do you need three children's menus?" he inquired. We stood silently for a moment, staring at him. Then BG and Alex started laughing, and the host turned bright red. "Of course you don't! Come right the way."

As I followed him to our booth, I wondered if he thought I was the third child or if it was Alex. Lately I've been looking my age more than ever, so if it was me, that would be pretty hilarious. He probably thought I was the oldest brother. Strangely, before we went to the restaurant, Alex told me when BG flipped through pictures from their older son's (OS) September birthday party, when he asked her which friend of OS's was in this one. Alex took one look at it and burst out laughing. "Um, that's Suzanne!" (Evidence to be posted later.)

Maybe school is aging me down. Not only am I breaking out again for the first time in years, but another comment the little wench in my workshop left for me was that my writing is juvenile. Maybe I'm all Benjamin Button or something.