>This morning I hopped a Greyhound bus, then transferred to another Greyhound bus, and after too many hours with my new best friends at Greyhound, I am finally at Alex's house. Her cute older son enthusiastically greeted me as I approached their car at the bus station. Her cute younger son snored loudly, as he had fallen asleep while waiting. It was a very nice welcome.

Bright and early tomorrow morning, Alex and I will swing by Sally HP's house, and then head over to Starbucks for a quick eye opener before we go to the BlogHer Boston Reach Out Tour conference. (First we should probably figure out when it starts.) As I told one of my new friends from my MFA program, these blogger networking opportunities are wonderful. I am so grateful to the blogging community for the support and friendship I have received over the last three years. (CUSS's third anniversay is next Friday. As Alex said, "Who knew there could be three years of conversation about snatch?" OK, so its a bit more than just snatch, but still...)

I'm still reeling a bit from the obnoxious comments that one of my classmates left on my paper, so I'm even more excited to be amongst my blogging people. The wisdom from Alex's kitchen is thus: Bloggers rock!