>Now that I have seen the Future (ATMs that scan deposits and require no additional documentation), I giddily anticipate the next time I need to put money in the bank. Let's see: I expect checks from my consulting job and from my writing gigs, then I'll bill my consulting job again in a few weeks. In December, I'll receive checks for my birthday and Hanukkah.

This is great, but I want to put more into the machine. While I showered, I wondered what would happen if I put random pieces of paper in the ATM scanner. Probably the bank would get mad at me and forbid me from using it in the future, so that would be bad. I know! I can write myself checks! How awesome would that be to see my checks to me on the ATM screen!?!? Totally awesome!

Yeah. That's the dangerous lure of the Future....

Speaking of money/finance and the future (or lack thereof), as I read this morning's column in the NY Times by Thomas L. Friedman on the credit crunch, Husband's voice floating into my mind. Years ago, he was an analyst at Bear Stearns. Whenever I told people that I worked in public service, he insisted that he did, too. "I keep markets liquid," he said with a straight face. Mostly (99.9%) he was kidding, but today I see that he did have a very slight point. When money is not freed up, it is a challenge for businesses to properly capitalize themselves. I think they should just write themselves some checks to put into the new ATMs.