>Last year for Halloween, I wore my wedding dress and went as a bride. Clever, huh? Yeah. The truth is that I wanted to wear my dirndl, but I may have consumed a bit too much candy since I purchased the frock on eBay in 2001; I looked like an overstuffed bratwurst. Halloween can be scary or gross enough without that.

This year, I decided to suck it up, admit that I'll never be that small again, and have the dress altered. I took it to the tailor. When I came out of the fitting room, I thought his eyes might pop out of his head.

"You are going to pay money to fix this?" he asked, showing the type of Eastern European sensitivity that my bubbe usually does rather than his normal tact that makes him money.

Knowing that it would cost me more to ultimately get a whole new dirndl, which would then likely need to altered anyway, I nodded. He shook his head for a moment, mystified, than said, "OK. It's your money."

I picked up on Tuesday and it fits much better. Plenty of room for Halloween treats before I burst through the seams. It shall be perfect for the two Halloween events that I am looking forward to attending this afternoon.

Happy Halloween!

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