>About an hour ago, drilling began right outside my living room window. When I say "right outside," I am not exaggerating - I live on the ground floor facing the street, and the sidewalk runs right up to the building facade. There's no building set back.

As annoying as the racket is to me, I worried about Tycho. His compound is right next to the window. I assumed his giant rabbit ears would be even more bothered than I was by the noise. Surveying my apartment for a safe place in which to evacuate him, I decided that the kitchen might work best. Tycho had other plans.

"Hey, Tycho," i said as I approached his cage. "Wanna move?"

He sat there staring at me. Then he decided that I was there to feed him, so he began running around his cage. When no food was forthcoming after a few minutes, he sat back down and stared at me. I gestured to the living room.

"Come out! Let's go play!"

He remained in his place, a bunched up, 13 pound blob of fur. I guess the noise was not bothering him. Still, I worried about the vibrations, and as mayor of this apartment, I forcibly relocated him. I know that this means I will be punished for my actions, as he will certainly pee and crap on the floor. But I stand by my actions.