>If nothing else, Sen. Joe Biden deserves a medal. How the fuck was he able to keep a straight face throughout the debate with Gov. Sarah "Joe Sixpack Maverick Hockey Mom" Palin on Thursday night? Watching it online, I was barely able to restrain myself.

The party that loves blaming low income people for all the social woes this nation faces, saying that people need to take responsibillity for their actions, blames everyone else for our economic crisis. Somehow, only Democrats - but Republican economic policies - caused this. It's Freddie and Fannie's fault! It is all the lenders' faults! Nope, the people who took out loans to buy McMansions that they could not afford are totally innocent. And, of yeah, "government is the problem."

I'm not saying that Obama-Biden are perfect. But for fuck's sake, I don't know how anyone can think that McCain-Palin are going to fix any of the problems we have today. McCain has proved that he is utterly unstable and Palin is a clueless religious fundamentalist who is essentially George W. Bush in a dress. (She even says nuclear the same way as Bush - "nucular.")