>Truly, what I love best about conservatives is their highly developed ability to speak out of both sides of their mouths. It's an impressive talent.

Case in point: Gov. Palin's pregnant 17 year old daughter. If Joe Biden's daughter or Hillary Clinton's daughter suddenly presented an unmarried pregnancy, I know that we would never hear the end of how evil and valueless these adult women are. The nerve of them, fornicating outside the sacred bonds of marriage! Yet another symbol of how Democrats and liberals bring Sodom and Gomorrah right here to our beloved United States, God bless it. Only people with no values would let their children stray into active sexuality. Clearly, they are not fit to lead the good people of this nation! In fact, it is likely God's wrath for the behavior of these harridans, these wanton sluts that sent Gustav to punish Americans for tolerating this slatternly behavior.

Instead, since it is their sweet evangelical governor/vice presidential candidate whose teen daughter indulged in extramarital sex, we get lectured for not minding our own business. After all, this is a family matter! Who cares if Gov. Palin supports abstinence for the rest of our children until they are married?!?! How dare anyone say anything about it!?!? Plus, as an alternate delegate told the New York Times, "Now she's a typical American family."

Boggles the mind. That said, I do feel bad for the kid. It's got to be pretty awful to have a nation discussing your unintended pregnancy.