>Now that McCain has destroyed the chance of a bailout package compromise, I hope he is happy with his accomplishment. This is probably the best we can expect from a member of Keating Five. Yes, way back in the late 80s, John McCain helped create the savings & loan (S&L) crisis with his vast economic knowledge. These days, his insistence on working on the economic bailout, for which he did not even read Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's whopping 3 page plan before he decided to "fix" it, tanked the reasonable compromise that Democratic leaders of Congress reached on Thursday. Let the chaos ensue.

Tonight is supposed to be the first presidential debate, which McCain may or may not attend. I would like McCain, or his second-in-command, the even less capable Sarah "You Pay for Your Own Rape Kit if You are Slutty Enough to Get Raped" Palin, to attend. As Obama said, presidents must be able to handle more than one issue at once. If McCain can't even sink the bailout compromise while talking about foreign affairs, his one strong point, what does that say about his ability to lead a complex nation?*

Speaking of collapses, why is it that the Mets fall to shit in September? Yes, they did win last night, but the Cubs played their back bench and we still almost lost. Husband wonders if the players somehow thought that the team ends 15 days sooner than it does. In a statement about the 275 lb. Mets player Mo Vaughn that I feel perfectly reflects both today's Mets team and John McCain, Husband's crazy Uncle Harold said, "How can you hit the ball if you can't even see your penis?"**

*It says that he is a whiny baby and a fool.
**He shared this nugget of wisdom while crammed into Husband's parents car driving upstate for a bar mitzvah in 2002. He also proclaimed that the media loves George Steinbrenner because he offers nice buffets in the press room with "good cold cuts from the deli, and the largest shrimp you've ever seen!" How he knows this is beyond us.