>As a lifelong Cub fan (although I believe that I swore them off last year, like any girl whose sweetheart repeatedly lets her down, I never really meant it), I am excited that my team is going to the playoffs yet again this year. In celebration, I cracked out my Cubs cap, so nicely modeled by Theo. The hat was a giveaway at a game I went to in 1985. Until a few days ago, I called it my lucky hat, but then I realized that in the 23 years I owned it, the Cubs have never even advanced to the World Series. Instead, the hat brings luck to the opposition team. (Which is why I wore to school last night - the Mets need to win some games so they can join the Cubs in the playoffs, where I am sad to admit, they will be handed their asses and sent home, but still. Both my home teams in the playoffs would be awesome!)

Anyway, the hat is in a sorry state after two decades and three years. I attributed the filth to dirt and sweat from 23 years of rooting for my team, but yesterday it occurred to me that what really caused the grime are 23 years of dashed hopes and broken dreams. Maybe this year will be different.