>With three outs left until the sad end of the Mets 2008 season, I am not very hopeful that there will be a post season. Husband says that if this leads to the dismissal of horrific team general manager Omar Minaya, he can live with yet another year in which the Mets crumple in September. Plus I will need not be conflicted about my desire to see the Cubs win the World Series for the first time in 100 years with my status as a committed Mets fan. (Had the Mets won the wild card, they would face the Cubs in the first round of playoffs.)

That said, I look forward to watching the Cubs crush the Phillies in the second round of post season play. To repeat one of my favorite childhood ditties, "Go Cubs go!/Go Cubs go!/Hey, Chicago, whaddya say?/The Cubs are gonna win today!/Go Cubs go!"