>I found the following email in my inbox:

MySpace has teamed up with Ford Models for the Next Fresh Faces contest, and you could be the newest

Well, if they are using "fresh" in the context of being loud and "sassy," and/or speaking like a trucker on a cocaine bender, then absolutely I could be the Next Fresh Face. That would be rather exciting, not to mention a nice way to finance my expensive MFA program. However, if they mean "fresh" as in vibrant, new, and youthful, I think they should not send out mass emails.

Speaking of the MFA program, yesterday there was a party for all the first years to get to know one another. I believe that I was a little bit too much me and may have overwhelmed several students that I had thus far fooled into thinking I was a nice and sweet person. Husband further reinforced my "nutjob" status when he met up with me and my band of new friends wearing an obviously fake bushy black mustache. Of course, this cracked me up and made me wish that I wore a fake mustache, too. I look damn good with a fake mustache, as evidenced below.

Maybe I should submit this photo to the Freshest Faces contest...