>Although I like pretending that I am a scary bear, I am really just a big nerd in a moderately-sized woman's body. The little seal next to me is a snow sculpture.* I fear that with the recent discussion of Gov. Sarah Palin's love of hunting, people might accidentally blow us away with an AK-47 while hunting for wolves from helicopters. I just want to be clear that I am not, in fact, a scary bear.

Speaking of bears, Theo enjoyed his guest post stint this past Thursday so much that I decided to create a new feature called Theo Thursdays. Every Thursday until the election (or until Palin drops out), Theo will post an environmental message on CUSS. He is very excited about this opportunity and hopes you will enjoy it. We both hope that it will not need to continue after early November because Barack Obama will be our next president.

Speaking of bloody "sports," anyone who is interested in submitting an essay for a potential anthology about periods has until September 15 to do so. Check out Congratulations, You're a Woman Now! for details. I think it will be an awesome book along the lines of Sleep is for the Weak. We want to capture a diverse range of stories and experiences, so please spread the word.

*This photo was shot in Cooperstown, NY in February 2005. Husband and I went up there to celebrate our 10th anniversary of being together. I think it is clear that we are well suited for each other, as only crazy people go to freezing Cooperstown in February. We thought it would be fun to participate in their winter carnival and also see the Baseball Hall of Fame, though. As part of the carnival, we took a walking tour across a frozen lake, which was awesome. At the Hall of Fame, I posed for a picture with Curt Schilling's bloody sock. (I hoped that the pig who "donated" his/her ligament to Schilling's ankle would also be honored, but the museum seems to discriminate against non-human baseball heroes.) We had a great time.