>According to the New York Times, Sen. Hillary Clinton "appeared at a $1,000-per-plate dessert reception on Sunday at a home in Wilmette, Ill." When I thought about the likelihood of the event hosted in my parents dining room with people hitting their heads on the poorly centered and too low chandelier, I could not stop laughing. I figured that guests would admire the unicorn on a heart shaped plaque hanging on the living room wall that I painted years ago at the Snoop Shop. Other news sources confirmed that my parents were not holding out on me and hosting secret fundraisers by identifying the host as Kevin Conlon. (I tried to remember if I knew anyone with that last name, but I don't think I do.) Man, would I be pissed if my parents really did host something like that and didn't invite me!

Incidentally, if Hillary Clinton had followed the advice that I psychically offered her in 2000, she would possibly be the presidential nominee instead of Obama. At the time, Illinois had a douche bag conservative senator with two years left on his term. He did not plan to run again. I suggested that Hillary move back to her the fine state of her youth and wait a bit to run for his seat, but nope. Like me, the lady did not want to go back home once she saw the glittering lights of New York. Instead, she moved here, became a Yankees fan (boo! hiss! for God's sake, any self-respecting Cubs' fan would know that they should adopt the Mets as their NY home team, which I think reflects her character, but I digress...), ran for Senate, and won. Fine, but had she gone home, Barack Obama would not have run for the open Illinois seat (or at least not won it in all likelihood), thus preventing him from gaining national prominence.

And the rest is history. Go Obama.