>I was just starting to recover this morning from my post Democratic Convention hang over (I ate 2.5 many cupcakes in a pathetic attempt to savor the sweet taste of victory) when I read that McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. She's about as qualified as I am for high office (OK, she's slightly more qualified in that she is Constitutionally old enough and I am not) except that she has more scandals. But I find it depressing.

I'm scared for the future. Good thing I ate another 1.25 cupcakes for breakfast before I read the news.

Update, 7:23 PM EST: I feel a little bit better about the situation now. I saw her speak, and she was as inspiring as a dead salmon pulled from a river polluted by oil drilling. Further, some of the arguments of her supporters are cracking me up. Someone actually suggested that she has a lot of foreign policy expertise because she shares a border with Canada. Not to dis Canada, which I am sure if a tough negotiator on road access or whatever, but that just makes me laugh. I'm taking a deep breath, and waiting to see what happens.