Earlier this year (or maybe even at the end of last year), I read the most hilarious blog post ever from Jessica (no link 'cause she made her blog private since then, sorry) about how she began menstruating at a young age and nearly missed out on a big gymnastic competition because she didn't know how to use a tampon, but then the hippie neighbors down the street helped her learn how by employing the mortifying technique of live demonstration. The whole thing made me want to read more stories about what happened when women first got their periods, learned how to put in a tampon, bought pads, etc. I was sad that, although there are whole collections of essays on women's funniest romantic catastrophes, women of all ages have no book to turn to when they want to laugh, cry, or nod in empathy when it comes to this rite of passage we generally share.

Then the little hamster who powers my brain woke up from his long nap, stretched, and ran really fast on the wheel. Gears turned, lights flashed, and I realized that I could help put that book together. I posted an inquiry about it at CUSS, and people seemed into the idea. My buddy Alex even agree to be a co-editor. She commissioned an awesome logo, got her tech guy to put a website together, and Congratulations, You're a Woman Now! was born. (Or should I say we got our collective first period?)

So what are you waiting for? Time is running short. The deadline to submit your thoughtful, hilarious, educational, moving, and/or horrifying essay about what happened when Aunt Flo came to visit is September 1. Yeah, that's less than four weeks away. Or something. (My shitty homemade datebook only goes through August 14 right now.) Details are to be found at Congratulations, You're a Woman Now!, so check it out.

We already have one rocking essay, and it will look really lonely if it is not joined by yours...