>This afternoon is the first day of registration for incoming students at the New School MFA program. Deep breath. I'm nervous as hell. The writing workshops don't scare me as much as the literary courses do. I only took one literature course in college, and that was 13 years ago. Oof. As for the writing part, I'm still grappling with the difference between "literary" versus "magazine-y" writing. For example, I consider this passage from Saturday's post about my toilet to be literary, what with the ghost imagery and all:

For the first five or so years that we resided at this apartment, our industrial-type toilet (it has no tank) dealt very effectively with the digestive abuse we hurled upon it. Then last year, I noticed a change. After I flushed and the water settled, wisps of toilet paper drifted back up from the pipe, like ghosts haunting the bowl. Even the most basic uses of the toilet required an after-flush to send the restless toilet paper souls back to their watery graves. Still, the hardier matter went away and didn't reappear.

Somehow, I suspect that working these lines into something I submit for class will not earn me accolades, though.