>The clutter at Chateau Husband-Reisman is more scattered than ever. On Monday, Husband sent me an email suggesting that we host a Deep Dish for Democracy party for Obama's historic speech at the Democratic Convention. First launched as a fundraiser for Kerry in the 2004 election, Deep Dish for Democracy is so named because Husband will whip up his delectable deep dish pizzas.

This, of course, led to the mess in the living room because Husband insisted a new flat panel TV is imperative to the event's success. (Our current TV was purchased in 2000 so that Husband could assemble a group of people to watch the Mets defeat the Yankees in the World Series. This did not end well.) The new TV thus requires a non-obtrusive TV stand. I figured that we would look around this weekend and pick something up. Instead, Husband came home from work last night with a new TV, which is currently taking up an enormous amount of space in the dining room.

Still, being naive, I left the apartment yesterday evening for a meeting and assumed that it would be in one piece when I returned. When I arrived home to find him removing objects d'arte (at least that's what I consider them), I was again confused. Husband cheerfully informed me that a new TV stand would be arriving tomorrow, and I should consider what new "literature storage system" (i.e. - bookcase) I would like. As of this writing, I think we'll be bookcase shopping this weekend, but clearly I have proved to be an idiot when it comes to these matters, so my guess is that some sort of furniture will make it here on Friday.

The clutter, however, will probably be here until next year.