>Commenting on yesterday's rant about hardliners, Frog in Northern Georgia (correctly) suggested that I'm an equal opportunity hater. Totally true! If someone is acting like a fucking Cunty McCunterson, my blood pressure is going to rise. I guarantee it.

Hence, I am angered by the way some feminist are reacting to Obama's choice of running mate. Joe Biden is a damn solid candidate. He's fought hard for progressive issues. He's represented women far better than some elected women (cough *Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Libby Dole* cough) have bothered doing. Just because someone is a woman does not mean that she is going to advance a feminist (or even woman's) agenda.

Seriously, just read anything written by the two female conservative editors at BlogHer. They are women, and they clearly do not push for most of the things that feminists seek. And there's nothing wrong with that. Not every woman has the same views or life experiences or desires from life. Why would you assume that a woman is automatically going to agree with you just because she is a woman?

Yes, I would love to see more women in elected positions. However, I am not going to vote for them just because they have twats any more than I would refuse to vote for them because they have boobs. I want someone to represent me. Sometimes the best person for that job winds up being a man, sometimes it's a woman.

As for the idea that Obama should have picked Hillary Clinton, that is nice in theory, but in reality, a disaster. The VP has no impact on votes for the most part, and then she'd undercut him every chance she can in office. She's been a fine advocate for women, but she's also sold herself out on a lot of issues. Others have suggested Kathleen Sebelius. She's great, but her commentary after one of the Democratic primary debates showed me that she's not ready for a national gig yet. Jennifer Granholm or Janet Napolitano could have been cool, but they weren't chosen. Get over it. The point of feminism is not to pick people based on gender alone, right? Right?

I think Maria Niles is right on the money when she reminds people to keep their eyes on the prize. I know a lot of people are sick of waiting for it to be "our" turn and I don't blame them, but let's move on, and vote for the team that (from my perspective anyway) will put better policies in place for women. Go Obama-Biden!!!