>Husband and I stood on the southwest corner of Broadway, waiting to cross 66th Street as we walked home from dinner. A goateed white man who appeared to be in his mid-30s walked rapidly toward the northwest corner. Normally, I would not notice such an individual. However, he had a black and white cat on a leash. Sitting on his head.

The light changed, and Husband and I crossed the street, getting closer to the cat head man. Suddenly, he broke into a run, tailing a woman wearing headphones while yelling something neither Husband and I could hear.

"Weird," we agreed simultaneously.

Not 20 seconds later as we continued to walk north up Broadway, a woman passed on my left. In her hands she carried a shoe box. The lid was askew so that the sduck she was transporting could stick its head out.

We shook our heads with amazement. "That's why I love living in Manhattan," I remarked. "You just never know what you'll see."