>I also love to boogie, but that is another story. This post is about how wild the nightlife is in the Catskills. In the past week, I saw:

  • wild turkey
  • deer
  • gopher
  • opossum
  • skunk
  • hawk (or possibly falcon)
  • rabbit (although I saw more of those critters when I visited my parents earlier in July in the 'burbs of Chicago)
  • toad
  • frog
  • what I think were red lizards of some sort, crushed on the road

Further, I encountered more spiders and moths than I've seen in the previous two years combined. Add in the beetles, crickets, and UFIs (unidentified flying insects), and it was a total free for all. While it was all exciting, I'm very relieved to again be in the tame confines of my New York City apartment this evening.