>I don't know if anyone else is up watching women's (or really, girls', but that's beside the point) gymnastics, but the judges are fucking the Americans but good. It's almost offensive at this point. Shawn Johnson performs a near perfect routine on the balance bean, yet winds up with a similar score to a Chinese gymnast who did three balance checks. Nastia Luiken performs a perfect vault, then an almost flawless set on the uneven bars, and she gets tons of points deducted. Needless to say, a Chinese athlete who took the same big step on her landing on the uneven bars as Nastia did got almost no points taken from her. BULLSHIT.

While our gymnasts contort their little bodies all over the place, I will do my own flip for the judges. Then they can kiss my flabby ass. It's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Update: OK, the judges snapped to it, and gave Nastia the score she actually earned. She also got a great floor score, and won the gold, which is cool. Shawn Johnson was sort of cheated out of the gold, but she also finally got her due during the floor exercises, and so she got the silver instead of bronze, which is good.