>For a variety of reasons, the London move is 99.9% dead. I am bummed. My visions of life in London were rather exciting. Husband and I spent hours scouring the internet looking at neighborhoods, and we loved Marylebone. I pictured the delicious candy bars I would consume every day. Unlike in the US, the community development field is growing in London. (I think.) Plus, I could use the time to write Off the Beaten (Tube) Track. How much fun that would be!

At the same time, it certainly makes life easier. I won't have to live apart from Husband at all in 2009, which is very good. Not eating delicious candy bars every day is much better for my health. Finding employment in New York when I plan to live here year round will be easier than when I planned to spend my winter and summer breaks in London. Another big plus is that we won't go broke.

Still, dreams die hard. I'm hoping that Husband will get another opportunity to work in London in the near future. Until then, Elton John's lament plays in my head. Oooooh ooooh oooooh...