In fewer than 12 hours, I consumed approximately four cupcakes on Thursday and Friday. I believe that the enormous amount of buttercream frosting that I absorbed in that short time frame negatively impacted my ability to think. It is a little known fact (because I just made it up) that large amounts of frosting can clog the brain's pathways, causing a cupcake abuser to harp on an irrational fear that the selection on an unqualified running mate (and this is from the crazy conservative Murdoch-owned rag, The NY Post!) would guarantee a Republican victory in November. (In reality, this victory is ensured by rampant cheating by tampering with voting machines, providing an inadequate number of machines in Democratic strongholds, and disqualifying voters for arbitrary reasons.) Fortunately, once I ingested some protein and broke up the frosting block, I realized my silliness. While I visit my friend in DC this weekend, I will be sure to eat properly so that this does not happen again. Very important lesson learned.