>If you could have a dishwasher or a washing machine and dryer, which would you choose?

I'm so going with the washing machine. We rarely cook, so it doesn't bother me to wash whatever dishes our microwaved meals generate (or even the frying pan when I make my daily eggs). It's a pain in the ass when we have larger group meals, like at Thanksgiving, but that's only a few times a year. I've never lived anywhere with a dishwasher, so I don't miss it.

On the other hand, I would kill for a washer and dryer. (And the person I'd kill gladly is the one who was in the laundry room of my building using every fucking machine the building owns.) Generally, I don't mind schlepping my clothes to the basement, but it's pretty damn expensive for a wash and dry. It would not be expensive to get my own machine, as the building shares the cost of water. Meaning: I'm already paying for the water that everyone else who has a machine uses, including the person whose machine empties soapy water into my kitchen sink every fucking morning. (Or at least I think it smells like laundry detergent that bubbles up; it could be dishwasher soap, but I'm not sure what that smells like, as I've never had a dishwasher.) Sure, I'd pay for the electricity to run the appliances, but it would so be worth it. Maybe some day.

Anyway, I'm curious what The People prefer, i.e. "What Would CUSS Readers Do? (WWCRD)."