>For an excellent account of the varied activities we shared at the house that Husband rented in the Catskills, I recommend Alex's recap.

Now that I am home, I am gearing up for a busy next few weeks. The book party is this weekend, and my family will be in town. I need to find ways to get media attention for the book, too. A consulting contract that was four weeks in the making is finally ready. Orientation for school is at the end of the month.

In preparation for school, I needed to provide evidence that I was vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). Needless to say, this took place about 32 years ago, so my records aren't exactly at the top of the heap at my former pediatrician's office. Although my mom put in a good effort to secure them, I also made an appointment for a physical, just in case. When I called to set it up, I learned that I have not had a regular old check up in four years. In that time, however, I've managed multiple visits with a GI, an allergist, a dermatologist, three different breast surgeons, and three different gynecologists. My parts are well attended to.

My appointment rolled around this morning, and the nurse asked me how tall I am. "I don't know," I responded. "Maybe five two?" She thought she should measure me. To my surprise, I remain five feet and one-half of an inch. I swore I had a growth spurt at my last physical, so either I am shrinking or I was improperly measured back then. Either way, I am pleased that my status as a short person is back. When I thought I was 5'2", I had to use the disclaimer that I am a tall short person. So hurray for that!