>While at my local pharmacy yesterday to buy Sudafed 12 Hour, I cut through the beauty products aisle. The tweezer selection made me pause. Revlon alone manufacturers maybe ten different types of tweezers. I studied them keenly.

Approximately 90% of Revlon's tweezers are identified for use on eyes. The other tweezer was for "special" uses, primarily removing ingrown hairs. I found another tweezer online for removing splinters. What I did not see, however, was any mention that ladies use tweezers to pluck out our chin hairs.

What?!?! Did I just spill some sort of horrifying secret? Women pluck chin hairs?!?! Goodness gracious! How gauche to mention aloud, let alone in potentially mixed company!!!! Yes, I am a terrible person. I want to buy tweezers that keep my goatee under control, which is what I mainly use tweezers for. (Once in a while, I pick at my eyebrows, butt mostly they get along on their own splendidly, protecting my eyeballs from debris as eyebrows should.) If such an honest product is ever produced, I will be the first to buy them. My suggested name for these tweezers is "Not By the Hair on My Chinny Chin Chin."

Incidentally, the number of pink tweezers sold on drugstore.com is disturbing. What is it with the fucked up notion that if women use a product, it must be pink? I happen to like pink as much as the next women, but this is ridiculous. If I'm going to yank the hairs out of my chin and jaw, I really don't need a pink tweezer to remind me that I am engaging in an un-womanly activity. Take your pink tweezers, hammers, pots, and whatever and shove them up your pretty pink assholes, you marketing and manufacturing idiots!