While I was out and about yesterday, a preview copy of my book arrived! Although it was well after 11 pm, I ripped open the package and (pretended) to read while Husband took pictures. Weirdly, it feels less real now than ever, but still super exciting.

(Also, I love the funny details of my cluttered apartment that appear in the background. For example, the wood piece on the wall with junk hanging off it (a rabbit bead necklace my mother-in-law got me in New Orleans; tassels from my graduation from NYU; scissors that someone gave me in 3rd grade; a cross-stitch I made of a tabby cat that I changed the color scheme for so that it would be psychedelic; a bookmark; and a hamsa - a Jewish object to ward off the evil eye - my Israeli relative made) is something I made in 6th grade. The pictures on the entertainment center are of me and Husband at our wedding (bottom); my sister's husband, Dr. P, Husband, and me at a picnic in Central Park (second from bottom); Dr. P and I at an Oktoberfest party (second from top); and my sister and I at her wedding, and Husband and I cutting the cake at our reception. A menorah I got from my Bubbe and Grandpa is in front of those pictures, and the tabernacle cover opens to reveal the ten commandments. I always loved that menorah when I was growing up.)

FYI - My book signing time at the BlogHer Conference has changed. It is still on Friday, July 18, but now will take place from 12:15 - 12:45.