>My friend Suebob from the hilarious and thoughtful blog Red Stapler hit on the greatest networking ice breaker ever. She brought a red stapler along with her to the BlogHer conferences, and takes photos of attendees posing with the cheerful object. Everyone wants to be seen with the red stapler! (It probably helps that Suebob is also an all-around amazing human being.)

When I posted a few days ago about my new beaver, Alex asked if I planned to bring my furry friend to the conference. Put two ideas together, and a plan forms: I would bring her to the conference, and ask people if they want to take a picture with my beaver. Beaver shots! It's brilliant! I couldn't wait to get the photo project underway.

The minor detail is that when I arrived at JFK for my flight yesterday morning, I realized that I forgot my camera. Uh huh. (Pursuing my lips with self-disgust.) Fortunately, Alex is not as mentally impaired as I am, and she offered me the use of her new camera! So, the beaver shot project is on!

Now, who wants to pose with my beaver?
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