>Hello from the parking lot of a closed cafe that is broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. I hope that I can finish this quick post before Alex and I are arresting for looking suspicious. Before we left the house, I made a joke that we would look like drug dealers, but when we pulled into the lot and found two young men sitting in their car with the engine running, this ceased to be funny. So now I hope that we are not killed for interfering with a drug deal rather than be arrested on the suspicion of selling drugs.

Anyway, the week has been both eventful and relaxing thus far. On Friday, we arrived, discovered that no one received cell phone service at the house we rented, set up shop, and at 1 am, the power went out. Husband was not a Boy Scout, but he is always prepared, so we had lots of flashlights on hand. For about an hour, my brother-in-law wandered around with a butcher knife to protect us from intruders, although I repeatedly said he was more likely to stab one of us or fall on the knife himself. He then moved on to panicking about carbon monoxide poisoning before going to bed.

Saturday we hung around the pool and in the hot tub. My friend told us a story about a guy she knew in college who contracted "cunnilingus jaw" when a woman had an orgasm and clamped her thighs very tightly around his face. From then on, he could predict whether rain was on the way based on how his cunnilingus jaw tingled.

Sunday we headed over to the Green County Youth Fair. This is the one event I talked about for weeks. I love seeing the champion rabbits at fairs. The plan was to leave at 11:30, but departure was pushed back to noon. Then Husband randomly ran off tot the grocery store, leaving me to fume and stuff my face with ice cream. We finally took off, caravan style, at 1:00 and arrived at the fair an hour later to find it closed due to weather conditions. It seems a tornado blew through a nearby area. I whipped up a little cyclone of anger at that news. So it goes.

Monday we headed over to a bizarre zoo and petting farm. Amongst the goats, sheep, and horses were a kangaroo, monkeys, emus, a bison, and camels. The poor rabbits and guinea pigs were completely traumatized by all the little hands that grabbed at them in the petting area. I decided that when I move to London, we should get a guinea pig. Husband stared at me in horror.

I can't believe that I survived for several days without internet access! I am so proud of myself. Until the weekend...