>Feminism & GenderI leave for BlogHer tomorrow at 6 am. My writing class takes place tonight from 7 - 10 pm, and I have a million little things to do before that. So of course today would be the day that my little backpack rips.

I use my beloved little backpack like other women use purses. It carries my wallet, keys, subway card, business cards, birth control pills, two kinds of lip balm that I never use, gum, scrap paper, two pens, a pencil, a mirror, subway map, Excederin, Advil, a fold out map of Manhattan, and lately, a copy of my book (just in case - you never know who you'll run into who might want to order it for their chain store, right?). My little bag has been with me for several years now, so I suppose it is only fair that it decided it was ready to retire. Still, it's hard to adjust to a new bag while running off to a networking conference on the other side of the country, assuming I even find a replacement this afternoon. Sob. Oh, little bag, I shall miss you.

Also, a minor last minute change involves make up. It seems that I need to bring some. Fortunately, I can just toss it in my carry on suitcase, which is mostly empty anyway. Regardless, the need for cosmetics makes me nervous.

Average Jane and I had a nice exchange this morning about how excited we are for the conference this year. Then I went to the BlogHer site and read a post about abortion that actually asked, "Why is a woman with so little self-respect as to have sex without commitment to be admired?" By the time I finished reading, I was shaking with anger. I am pretty fucking committed, what with having only one sexual partner in my whole life, and being with him for over 13 years, 8 of those of which we've been married. What the fuck does that have to do with abortion? What I believe it means is that sex for purposes other than procreation is wrong. Go one step further, the only reason to marry is to procreate. It was so judgmental and vile that I am trembling with anger again as I write this. Now I fear (slightly) that I will spend a good portion of my time trying to avoid this woman, which sucks. No one should go to a networking conference with the advanced knowledge that other participants think they are the moral equivalent of toxic waste, which is clearly what this woman thinks of me and anyone like me. Sigh.