>Today was one nutty day. The first sign was when I pulled out a clean pair of underwear while I was getting dressed. "Are these mine?" I frowned as I held up some big ass drawers. Then they fit. Ooof.

Next, I disregarded my resolution to not spazz and enjoy the month. After practically chewing off my finger with anxiety, everything fell into place. As Husband says, it all works out in the end. But not before I got myself worked up into a frenzy. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't aggravate myself if things really would work out, as if my distress is the trigger to a happy ending. Whatever.

Bubbe underwent a surgical procedure to fix a stent in her aorta today, and I went to see her when she woke up. She immediately complained about things, so I knew she was fine. This is good.

After the hospital, I went out to dinner with my mom, dad, and granny. Hijinks ensued.

"I'll have the boiled tongue sandwich," Granny told the waiter.

"Will that be a whole or half sandwich?" he inquired.

Granny gestured grandly. "When I go out, I go all the way!" She covered her mouth demurely and giggled. "Ha ha! That sounded pretty bad, didn't it?"

"Yeah, granny," I said. "You and your tongue sandwich, going all the way!"

"Ha! That's true!" she snorted.

The waiter looked disturbed for a minute before joining in the laughter.

And that perfectly sums up the first day of July.