>While "goin' upstate" usually means Sing-Sing or some other prison that is north of New York City, fortunately that is not the case for me. Husband and I are headed for a week of fresh air and fun with friends and family in the Catskills. Unfortunately, "goin' upstate" does mean limited internet access - I think even more limited than when we were at the Jersey Shore last summer. Sigh. I do love me my internet access. What's a vacation without blog reading?

However, I do hope that this week away will give me some time to take a very deep breath. It's unbelievable how many exciting, life-altering events have happened within the last month (quick recap: Off the Beaten (Subway) Track is available for purchase, Husband was asked to move to London for work, and I finally was accepted into the MFA program at New School; one thing that did not happen which needs to happen is a consulting contract, which should have started in mid-July but is dragging on forever, although in retrospect, I may have exploded if I took that on while all the other things were happening). If my time upstate allows me to calm down and stop anxiously picking the flesh off my cuticles, it will be worthwhile.