>Whenever I visit my parents, I slip into a sweatshirt I bought at Venture (a Wal-Mart-type chain store in Chicago) in 1990. It has six little lessons about saving the planet with Peanuts characters doing their part. As we prepared to leave for the Taste of Chicago yesterday morning, my sister worried that it would be chilly downtown and she didn't have a jacket.

"You can wear my sweatshirt," I offered.

Dana wrinkled her nose. "No way! That thing is hideous!"

"What? What do you mean? This shirt is awesome! It's about the environment!"

Husband and Dana sighed, and tag team trashed my sweatshirt. "It's filthy," Husband said, pointing out 18 years of accumulated stains.

"It was cool in 1990," Dana sneered.

"You look homeless in it!" they said and nodded at each other.

"It's eco chic!" I insisted.

We decided to take a picture and let the blogosphere decide:

What do you think?

Regardless, Dana left the sweatshirt behind, and it turned out that she didn't need it anyway, as it was warm and sunny. Perfect weather for sharing copious amounts of food at the Taste. This included: cumin-dusted fries with mango chutney; mascarpone gelato; a banana and pork dumpling (Husband loved it; I nearly puked); breakfast pizza; regular pizza; and frozen toffee cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick.

After we had our fill, we went to visit Bubbe at her apartment. From there, it was birthday dinner at the Olive Garden for Granny. (Happy 85th!!!) My aunt present Husband with an early 32nd birthday present. She randomly bought him a red teddy bear named Husband, put it is a plastic skull that yelled, "Trick or Treat!" when you pop the cranium, and presented it to him. Unfortunately, he had to give the skull back.

Independence Day was capped off with a musical. My favorite musical, which I think I first saw 16 years ago and dozens of times until it closed in June 2000, is "Co-Ed Prison Sluts." It re-opened yesterday for a limited run, so I felt very fortunate to catch it. Dana and her hubby are as big fans as I, so we sang along and generally had a great time despite a slightly shaky cast.

Ah, reliving the 1990s!