>Husband's 32nd birthday is on Thursday. (We'll be spending it apart, with Husband on the way to LA for a roadtrip to Vegas with his brother and two other guys, and me on my way to BlogHer, but that's another story.) Last week, while we were in Chicago, my creative aunt presented Husband with an early birthday gift. The staff at Olive Garden were as amused as Husband was befuddled. Since my aunt randomly decided that Husband* does not like cards (not true, incidentally), she bought him a red teddy bear named Husband (the name is embroidered across its chest), which she wrapped inside this Halloween skull that shouted, "Happy Halloween" when he pressed a button on its forehead to open it. (He had to return the skull to her.)

Husband's partially visible t-shirt reads, "9 out of 10 killer robots vote Republican." His fingers are taped because he jammed his pinky by making a game-saving catch for his kickball team. I am so lucky to have such an awesome partner.

*According to the tag on Husband the Bear's ear, Husband's name indicates that he liked fishing and the outdoors as a boy. It concluded that people with that name are usually wealthy businessmen. Husband liked that part a lot.