>It's down to the wire with the New School's wait list. The letter I received about the wait list noted that they "expect to keep our wait list active until June 30." Every time the phone rings, I feel like the blood stopped running to my brain (although some might argue that happened a while ago, anyway).

So the constant calls of solicitors is not good for me. Almost every day, I get at least two calls requesting donations for this worthy cause or that excellent organization. Actually, I do not get the calls. I just answer the phone. The caller almost always requests Mr. Husband Last-Name-Pronounced-Like-an-Ethnic-Slur-Against-People-from-An-Eastern-European-Country-With-A-Long-History-of-Anti-Semitism. It's like if I called some named Ms. Count, but asked for Ms. Cunt, then expected her to give me money. Yeesh.

Plus, I discovered that the MFA admissions game is not over even when it technically ends. A few weeks ago, I met a woman who got into the nonfiction MFA program at New School off the wait list. "It was at the very last minute," she told me. Yesterday I emailed her and asked how last minute. "I didn't get in until the first week of September when school had already started, and I guess someone dropped out or didn't show up for first classes," she wrote. Ugh. Now I can be a nervous wreck at intermittent points over the entire summer.