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Thus far, June hath wrought a Mets team that is playing baseball as opposed to whatever the hell it is they've been doing for the last few weeks. Please keep it up.

If I'm lucky, June will bring me some good news about grad school. The wait list at the New School is expected to be active until June 30. My fingers are crossed. On Wednesday, I'll be starting an 8 week prose writing course taught by the associate director of New School's MFA program, so perhaps that will help my situation. Even if it doesn't, I should at least learn a lot. I've never before taken a course like this.

If the world is fortunate, Hillary Clinton will stop embarrassing herself and drop out of the Democratic race already. She is just digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole. It's really depressing, actually.

Many things may or may not go down this month. Yeah, I'm anxious.