>Yesterday I had an epiphany about what Activia may believe "better digestion" is, and I wrote about it. However, right before I saw the Activia ad, I saw a great commercial about some new type of digital pregnancy test from Clear Blue Easy. It seems that the stick now reads, "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant," which is very straight forward.

But man, remember when it was impressive to have something that was digital? Now digital items are very common. Clear Blue Easy won me over though, with the following line in the ad, "It's the most sophisticated thing you'll ever pee on."* I don't think I'm pregnant, but that line makes me want to run out and buy their digital test, just so I can pee on something with digital technology. I love it!

Incidentally, whether the Clear Blue Easy digital test truly is the most sophisticated thing I ever pee on, I am relieved that they are selling a product that relates to things that are supposed to emerge from vaginas. Speaking of which, my friend Sara just gave birth to a baby girl! (Perhaps one day in the distant future, little Farf will laugh that this pregnancy test was once the most sophisticated thing a woman might pee on, as the pace of technology speeds ever faster.) Mazel tov to Sara and her family!

*Note: I am 99% certain that the ad actually said this and I was not hallucinating. There is a small chance, however, that I was oxygen deprived from running and thus misunderstood the ad. Or that I was still recovering from my discovery that Activia encourages women to shit through their vaginas. If the ad did not actually say that their product is the most sophisticated thing you will ever pee on, than it should. Because that is a brilliant line.
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