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Are the concepts of common courtesy and sharing completely dead? I ask myself this question multiple times a day, and today is no exception. The laundry room in our building has eight driers. The building has 135 units. Of course, not everyone does their laundry (or has their maid do their laundry) at the same time. Plus, some lucky bastards have washers (which empty soapy water into my kitchen sink - grrrr) and driers in their apartments, so generally things work out in the laundry room.

Given the small number of machines, good manners dictate not monopolizing all the machines. Further, it is pretty important to take your laundry out of the drier within a few minutes of the end of the cycle. I always aim to get down a few minutes early so that I can be there when the drier stops and get my stuff out. Sometimes, I'm a little late, and once I came down 2 minutes after the load stopped and found someone had already removed my clothes and was loading hers in the drier, which I was annoyed at but understood. Hence I was furious to find someone claimed half of the driers for himself and left his laundry sitting in them for two hours. (It was done when I went down to start my wash, so I know.)

Somehow, I refrained from smoting him on the spot. I folded my towels, packed them up, and headed into the elevator. When I noticed him shuffling his two bulging laundry bags out of the corner of my eye, I even held the elevator door open for him. My good deed was rewarded with a polite, "Thank you."

There's no real point to this story except that I wish people were more considerate. Perhaps if more people were able to attend high quality early childhood programs, there would be more sharing in our society. Or maybe I remain annoyed at the person who thinks that there is no public benefit to child care. Either way, I will try and return to enjoying this splendid June day.