>Last night was the scene of yet another one of my horrific anxiety dreams. In it, I was staying at some chateau resort with my nuclear family (yes, a nightmare within a nightmare - ha ha!!!) and Husband's nuclear family. Everyone was trying to get me out of bed in the morning and involved in the chateau's fun programming, but I was too depressed to get up because everyone else was a success and I was a miserable failure.

When I actually did wake up (which was surreal, because in the dream I was sleeping and waking up, so it felt like i was already up, so how could I still be sleeping?), I was of course disturbed by the dream. Then I noticed that the chest pain I experienced yesterday was gone, so that cheered me up. I also thought about how my assignment went over in class the prior night (pretty well), so that made me feel better, too. Sometimes I think I don't toot my own horn enough, so for the record I am noting that I had some really clever lines in my class assignment. I loved that people appreciated them.

Then this morning I took a gander at my book's status on Amazon.com, and was pleasantly surprised to discovered that at the moment, it is the #41 best selling book in books about New York. (A specific category to be sure, but it makes me really excited.) I'm not sure what led to the little spike in pre-orders, but that's cool. Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered it! (For the record, I just found out that the book will not ship until the end of July, so it will be another month before people can get their hot hands on it, although there is a good chance that it will be on sale at the on-site bookstore at the BlogHer Conference. It'll also be available at my book party in August, in fine bookstores near you, and at the public library my mother-in-law works at in Long Island, as she is planning to order multiple copies.)

The point is, while I am still anxious to get into New School, I'm going to try to focus on all the good things that are happening with my writing. Positive thinking feels much better than chest pain.