>That Elton John! He knows me so well!

In a recent conversation about hair cuts and short hair, someone (and I'll be damned if I remember who) told me that she accidentally wound up with a Caesar cut back when George Clooney was sporting the look. I could almost relate, as I spent nine months in 2006 and a small part of 2007 wandering around with a cut so short I resembled a 12 year old boy. (Twice my brother-in-law approached some kid, thinking he was me.) When I finally figured out that this was not the look I really wanted, I swore that I would keep my short hair on the longer side of short. Mostly that has gone very well.

Then, yesterday. I tried a new salon for a variety of reasons. When I left, I noticed that my hair was pretty darn short, but I filed it in the cabinet all the way at the back of my head because it looked cute. Husband took a picture of me that night, which I meant to post today, but he took the camera to work with him, so no photos today. (I wore my Sweet Corn Festival t-shirt in solidarity with Mar and my sister, who both live in flooded Iowa City.) I think I knew that when I took a shower today I would return to my 12 year old boy look, although this time a 12 year old boy with a Caesar.

No more short, short cuts. I swear.