>No, I didn't get into the New School's MFA program (or rejected, for that matter). I also have nothing new to report about my book, Off the Beaten (Subway) Track (although I did verify that it will be out in early July). I am fucking psyched because my very favorite musical of all time, Chicago's longest-running, is back for a limited time after an 8 year hiatus!!!

Yes, Co-Ed Prison Sluts will amuse, delight, and nauseate audiences once again! Man, how can you go wrong with an improv comedy musical about life in a co-ed prison? The classic songs include: Shit, Motherfucker (about swearing at people who come onto you), Eating People (about being arrested for cannibalism), and A Book Can Take You Anywhere! (about the importance of reading). And who can forget, Hey, Little Girl, the most hilarious song ever written about child molesters? (OK, the only hilarious song about that topic. It's wrong, I know.)

Somehow, I convinced Husband that we must pre-buy tickets. (He's indulging me this one last time.) Who else is coming? It's gonna be GREAT!