>Great news: Granny's test came out clean! Yay! Now we can really celebrate when I get home next week.

I'm still nutty about the New School wait list, but I am also foaming at the mouth (this time with excitement; I know usually it is with seething anger over something) over the invitation to my book party. My brother-in-law made it for me. His hobby is graphic design, and he is completely self-taught. He made awesome retro post cards for this "save the date" notification for his wedding last year, and his creative idea for my book party invitation (which Husband added to) is so over-the-top hip, that it's almost too cool for me. I don't know if Off the Beaten (Subway) Track will live up to the freakin' invitation!!! (I'll post it here when it is sent out.)

Now I am off to a meeting for a new consulting gig. I've long joked that my goal is to work for every community development financial institution (CDFI) in NYC before I retire or die, and this will bring me one step closer to my goal. (It would make it three out of six, and there's one that is so evil that I would never work for them, so I am 3/5th there.) It's funny, but a few things that I joked about in the last few years are actually happening.