>A few years ago, Husband saw a book called What's Your Poo Telling You? at a bookstore. Knowing my obsession with crap (both because I have a mysterious undiagnosed digestive ailment and because doody is funny), he surprised me with a copy. Since it appeared in our apartment, the book has delighted many of our guests with helpful knowledge about why their shit looks or smells a certain way.

Recently, someone pointed out that the book has a little blurb on animal dung. The first bullet point is about rabbits. According to the shitty experts, rabbit can produce in excess of 500 pellets of poo a day. Now, let's reflect on my 13 pound rabbit, Tycho Bunnae. While the beast is definitely a big shitter, I am very lucky that he doesn't even come close to crapping out 500 pellets a day. I could never keep up with that level of production.

Just a fun fact, as well as a chance to reflect once again on how lucky I am.