>Steph left me a voicemail message yesterday inquiring as to "what hijinks you two bitches [Julie and I] are up to." Little did she know that at 10 pm, Julie finally located an air mattrss for us to borrow for the next two nights so we would not have to sleep on the floor of her apartment. Unfortunately, the pump that came with the air mattress did not plug into the wall. Since it was designed for people who were on camping trips, instead it plugged into the cigarette lighter of a car. A car that Julie did not own.

Hence we carried the uninflated air mattress and pump down the block to a party. Julie went in and found her friend who owned a car. The car was parked another few blocks away, but on a dodgy street. So we jumped into his car, and he drove us to Julie's apartment around the corner. As "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals (one of my favorite songs when I was a retro teen) played over the radio, we spread the air mattress out on the sidewalk and began the inflation process.

Julie and I then carried the inflated mattress up a set of stairs to her apartment, although we kept crashing it into doors and corners. Ah, good times.